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Table Settings Fit for a Turkey. Gobble Gobble.

My first year as a married woman, I hosted Thanksgiving. Mostly I just wanted the role of setting a pretty table. I asked my mom to make the turkey. I did, however, make some bombass mashed potatoes. Homemade. Or maybe that was the following year. Anyway, I think my in-laws and parents were rather impressed and not just because they felt obligated to. It paled in comparison to these, but this was long before I knew about blogs so my sources of (free) inspiration were limited. No more excuses.

Top Pic The City Sage Bottom Pic Eddie Ross

These have got to be two of the best Thanksgiving table settings I’ve ever seen. I especially love that blue has been incorporated and steps away from the traditional yellows and oranges.

I am not hosting this year, but here are a few items I’d consider.$redesign-openLarger$$redesign-openLarger$

Maybe next year I’ll add in some teal and pink.



plates West Elm and Anthro. Tumbler – Anthro. Wine Glass – Potterybarn. Tablecloth fabric – fabric(dot)com and Blessings napkins from Etsy.


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Sit Back, Relax and Try Not to be Bored by My Pictures

I would say that’s some awesome glare, but it was Halloween so it must be something spooky.

1. Washington Square Park  2. Outside shot of one of our hotels  3. Hanging on the ledge of our hotel in my witch costume 4. View of Times Square from another hotel 5. Lunch at Lovely Day 6. Somewhere around The Village 7. Me 8. Simple table setting at Peter Luger 9. The Husband and Mrs. designstILes 10. The High Line 11. Cooperstown Main street 12. House and pretty door in Coopstown.

One of the main reasons we went to New York was so The Husband and his dad could visit Cooperstown (Cooperswhaaa? I’ll get to that in a min). The Husband and I have each been to New York but never together (reason two) combined with a work thing (reason three) and we were off on a quasi family vacation.

So yeah, Cooperstown. Population 2,000, which means it should really be called Coopersvillage. Why drive four hours out of The City to visit such a desolate place, you ask? To visit a museum full of a bunch of people I don’t know The Baseball Hall of Fame. Wooo. Excitement.  Anyone reading this blog know what The Hall of Who is this Person Fame is then I highly suggest reading The Husband’s blog instead. If you know The Hall of Never Heard of You Fame because you’re married to guy who has a questionably healthy obsession with baseball then you get a free pass. To a baseball aficionado, The Hall of Fame, I imagine, is as exciting as a fashionista embarking on a once in a lifetime trip to a store the size of Bergdorfs, Saks, and Neimans, mixed with vintage and new designer duds with an American Express Black card and not having to pay the fees, while drinking champagne.

As for New Yooooork, you are awesome as usual. You amaze me but you’re too much for me and make me homesick after a few days. Anyone from New York is automatically cool in my book, and you’re most likely super tough so I don’t mess with you.

Until next time,



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A Whirlwind at Hotel Erwin

image via biz bash

I celebrated my actual birthday with my husband, but the partying was observed a few days later at Hotel Erwin‘s High in Venice with friends and shared with other Taureans. To fully enjoy ourselves without the temptation of drinking and driving, we booked a suite and was rather pleased with the design. I have no clue as to why I didn’t bother scoping out the scene online, but I’m glad I didn’t because it was fun being surprised. This place is perfect if you like the non-fussiness of an upscale boutique hotel but still crave a place that feels hip. It’s reasonably priced and seamlessly brings together a funky, retro, urban stile.

This place also provides great food at their on-premise restaurant, Hash. I had a hangover breakfast of corned beef hash and eggs and the meat was as tender as a girl with a weak stomach can hope for.  Evan indulged in the ‘Venice Benedict’ which subbed a breaded tomato in lieu of english muffin, thick crispy bacon in lieu of ham, and a creamier, lighter hollandaise. The basil pesto pizza the night before was also pretty delicious. Check out some pictures not taken by me.

This is basically what our suite looked like

This photo was taken by me. (I’m trying, I’m trying)

Weight-shaped lamp base. A salute to the nearby Muscle Beach, I’m sure.

High Lounge

Our event took place at night and I thoroughly enjoyed the 360 degree view.

Bonus points for the provided blankets.

I’m sure I was beyond my limit in which case excuses the funny face.

Images via wallpaper, kayak, thelek, and yovenice


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Greetings From The South

Hopefully I’ll be back and at it on Monday. Until then, here’s a picture I snapped along the way.

We had a layover in North Carolina and was pleasantly surprised to find rocking chairs in the airport. ADORABLE!!! Seeing these made up for my lack of sleep on a red-eye flight.

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