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Yesterday The Sistah and I had tea. Pinkies up. At this place:

Royal/T in Culver City. It was not nighttime.

Feel free to read with British accent. It whaas quite loveleh.  Now I’m just stereotyping. Normal voice.

This place is a three in one –  cafe, shop and art exhibit (currently Andy Warhol). AND, get excited boys who don’t read this, severs dressed as maids.

Not me.

Royal/T is a Japanese-French fusion and I learned that macarons are nothing more than a sugar ball. But I kinda already knew that.

The Sistah and I split traditional tea with milk and something about it was supposed to be high-high. I assure you I did not get high and was a little disappointed. We also shared the roasted baby beet salad with Spinach, Candied Walnuts, Goat Cheese and a Champagne Tarragon Vinaigrette. Wow, I can’t believe I ‘remembered’ all that. Don’t think we stopped there. We also shared a ton of mini sandwiches and desserts but I can’t figure out which ones off of their online menu, therefore I don’t remember specifics. But this is what they looked like:

There was this cheeseburger thing at the very top but that was devoured quicker than quick.

Feeling like a stuffed cannoli, we walked some of it off in the 10,000 square foot space where I got to snap some pictures and prove, once again, how badly I need to take a photography class.






If you live in the LA area and are into this type of thing, I highly recommend it.





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