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Light and Bright


Hope you’re having a good day.



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Dress Love

{ring, ring}

Hi, can I speak to Rachel?

Who is this?

Irene. I have a blog.

{dial tone}

{knock, knock}

Rachel. Rachel Bilson. Rachey Rache, you answer your own door. So humble.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=rachel+bilson&iid=9889217″ src=”″ width=”389″ height=”594″ /]

I came to ask if I could have your dress. And be your friend. And maybe make-out. But I completely understand if you’d just prefer to give me your dress. I knnoooow you’re never going to wear it again.

Don’t look so scared. I’m harmless. Really.

Uh, I don’t think it’ll fit you.

But you don’t even know how moderately hard I’m working to lose my excess mom hips. It could fit.

Besides, aren’t you beyond flattered that I would hunt down your house? Cute door, ps. It matches the dress, I want you to give me.

{door slams}

image one via messy buns, image two via pink wallpaper, image three via picapp


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My friend Jen’s clothing line, Geronimo Collection, has, well, a new collection coming out and I’m absolutely struck by the photographs captured by photographer James D Kelly. Truly beautiful.

I paired outfit images with corresponding interiors and photography because that’s just what I like to do.

non outfit images via here and here.

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Reminisce Over You

I’ve been meaning to share pictures of my friend’s wedding not just because she’s my friend and I happened to be a bridesmaid, but because her wedding was awesome. Beautiful, to say the least. And believe me when I tell you it wasn’t the wine talking, though I had lots. Total cost of the wedding was less than what some girls pay for a wedding dress, but the amount of detail proves you don’t have to be rich to throw a fab fiesta. Her crazy talented photographer captured it all for us to view.

First, take a look at some of their engagement photos. They get me every time.

Super creative and full of (their) personality wedding invite

The left side is the back of the invite and the right side is the front side.

And on to the wedding. Dom dom dom dom. Nope, Anna walked down the aisle to The Beatles song, Here Comes The Sun.

Party Time!

Yup, we were that table.

professional pictures taken by Kelly Kriesel


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I Feel You$PD$

Happy First Day of September,

Irene Lovett

image one, mirror, lamp, image two unknown, table, napkin, chair, image three

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stILe finds: Pink and Beige

This has got to be one the dreamiest pictures of Los Angeles I’ve ever seen. And one of the most romantic lace dresses I’d like to call my own.

-Irene Lovett

dress image via thisisglamorous

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Bargain Bin: Polaroid Art

I love how Polaroid pictures make any shot look like you’ve stepped back in time and give even the most amateur of photoggers (me) picture-taking credibility.

If Polaroid film wasn’t so freaking expensive, I’d buy boat loads of it and dedicate an entire wall in our house to all my aimless shots.  Because the cost-per-picture is about two dollars, I have to be selective about the images I choose to capture and it pains me to waste it on a practice shot, so I’ve relied on my handy ShakeIt iPhone app to help improve my (lack of) skills.  It’s been way more fun to see ordinary pictures look a lot more artistic.

If you’re into Shaking It Like A Polaroid Picture too, here are how the pros do it.  If you also happen to be looking for an inexpensive way to add unique art to your home, these images are way affordable. Your walls will thank you.


Irene Lovett

image one via Alicia Bock, image two via TheLightFantastic, image three via futurowoman, image four via RiciS, image five via isofoto, image six via pocketmemories, image seven snapcoall via Etsy


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