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Kitchen Remodel

We’ve been in our house for over a year now and there’s still so much work to be done until I feel it really captures our style (okay, mostly mine but The Husband’s totally okay with all my cutesy decor as long as I make sure to include some baseball stuff. And I have, voluntarily.) and feels more updated.

The biggest eyesore is our 1950s kitchen enveloped in knotty pine. It couldn’t be more outdated than if I were taking a horse and carriage to work.

Check out Interior Designer, Erinn Valencich’s Kitchen. (I also discussed Erinn here).

We both live in the same area and her kitchen layout was identical to mine until she made some changes.

Sometimes people have a difficult time envisioning what our kitchen would look like sanding away the knotty pine, but these images should help a ton.

So much brighter and cheerier. If you look closer you can see the before picture up on the top right.

And to find out how Erinn approached this remodel, visit her blog here.






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Bright Lights Big City

My friend Jerry has been living in New York for over a year. Major props to him because several of his friends, including me, gave him three weeks. Supportive, right? He embraces the city every step of the way and his camera is along to capture the moments he shares on his blog – Bright Lights Big City. For a unique perspective of the city, I highly suggest you visit. Here’s a preview.





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I Like Your stILe: Gala Gonzalez

I think this picture pretty much started my obsession with streetstyle blogs. I appreciate personal stile far more than I do fashion. And while I do check in to fashion blogs to find out what the latest trends are, I’m way more fascinated by what people on the streets are wearing.

Meet Gala Gonzalez. A Spanish girl residing in London. (Leave it to European women to know how to dress). Oh, did I forget to mention she also models, styles, blogs, travels to all these wonder fashion shows, has received tons of press, djs AND went to college? Name your kid Gala and she’s bound to be cool. But I’m not jealous. I’m just really jealous.

Here’s something she said about finding her stile: I get ideas of “what is the next big trend” and then apply my personal style to it to create an outfit. I mostly get my influences from Londons East End scene, designers, music and movies. I dress up as I feel. Today might be a rock style, tomorrow a blond 60s wig.

Well, you inspire me Gala and I’m going out to find a blond 60s wig.

I love how unpredictable her outfits are, mixing up designer with vintage, simple and classic with rock and way-over-my-head.


Hope this has inspired you to find your personal stile.




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I Like Your stILe: Brittany (literal) Stiles

After a year of contemplating whether or not to start a blog, I bit the bullet and started designstILes. Short, sweet, personal and representative of what I’d feature. Best of all, the I and the L signify my initials. Feeling clever, the next big step was to start a Twitter account. All the other cool blogs were doing it and felt it was the right move to monopolize on my clever name. Turns out it was already taken. Whaaaaaa? {Talking to the Twitter sign-up page} You mean someone was clever before me? But my I and L are capitalized? That’s got to count for something, right? Let me try again. Username has already been taken. BY WHO? Why would anyone want it? It’s long, ugly, sounds dumb and makes zero sense. Defeated my own name, I chose second best: IdesignstILes. But not without scoping out this so-called clever person who stole my name first. Brittany Stiles.  A true, legitimate Interior Designer. Her last name is really Stiles and didn’t try to get all cute with it by making up her own spelling. Damn.

Sure enough, her work is awesome. I’ve been following her blog since and recently realized she added me to her blogroll, which is like major props in the blog world. Thanks Brit, Brit (we’re cool like that, no?) Without further ado, I share with you the real Stiles.

A bird’s-eye view of the previous photo. The warm tones are inviting and comfortable and make it look a bit vintage-y. And that pendant really hits the spot.

Pretty distinct from the previous room, I love that she’s able to show a less feminine side while still mixing design styles.

And she does events too! Call me, I can help you.

You should follow me on Twitter. You’ll love it.

Irene Lovett


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I Like Your stILe: Sincerely, Jules

Sometimes I feel like some sort of pedophile for liking the stile of those who are years younger than me. Case in point, Jules from the blog Sincerely Jules. She’s not ten or anything, but she is in her early twenties, I assume, and I’m, well, in my later twenties, which sorta makes me feel like maybe I’m not dressing my age. In my defense, I liked her stile before assuming how old she was, so maybe I’m just behind or she’s just fashion forward. Regardless, her stile is something to blog about, and she’s darn cute to boot.

Stripes, blazer, clogs, vintage handbag – Let’s be friends.

Her mix of new and vintage pieces makes her stile that much more attainable, and her casually chic LA look is very me.

She also puts together some great boards. Like this one:

Always some inspiring things going on over at Sincerely, Jules, so stop by.

-Irene Lovett

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I Like Your stILe: Vanessa De Vargas

On one of my many (many) visits to Home Goods, I picked up this – a book dedicated to shopping with thrift store pleasures. How perfect. Inside the book, I found several inspirational images, but some stood out more than the rest. Vanessa De Vargas is the L.A- based interior decorator behind these images embedded deep in my memory. I’ve seen her in passing at several events, including the W Residences event, and still have not been able to gather up the courage to confess my admiration. By stalking following her blog, Turquoise, I plan to one day attend some of the many events she discusses, in hopes I’ll bump into her again. Let’s hope I don’t choke.

Check out her work.

I’ll admit, I’m slightly drooling over these chairs.

This office has made several rounds in the blogosphere and still remains one of my favorites.

Hot pink lamps, gray walls, gold mirror. Ahhhhhhh, I’m singing with delight.

Vanessa is an expert when it comes to designing around vintage pieces. Her use of color, pattern and whimsy makes her design aesthetic ever so refreshing and hip.

Hope You Enjoyed,

Irene Lovett

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It Really Is a Small World After All

On Monday, Kahi Lee hosted another event at the penthouse she designed for the W residences. This event was a collaboration with The Society to feature the work of blogger Ivan Rodic, the man behind Facehunter. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Facehunter until this event. And as of yesterday, I realized that he is an acquaintance of stylescrapbook, a blog I’ve been following for quite some time now.

It’s weird to think that blogging has made this world feel even smaller. The crazy thing is,  Andy, from stylescrapbook, is Mexican, lives in Amsterdam but dreams of moving to Paris. While Facehunter is “a man out and about in London and beyond.” This entire connection still kind of baffles and amazes me.

Either way, Monday’s event was quite a success but I wanted this post to focus on the stile of stylescrapbook. She’s one of the first fashion blogs I would most frequent because her stile reminds me of things I would very likely wear. And she gets bonus points because, like me, she too is Mexican. Check her out.

Andy is someone who is definitely aware of the trends but doesn’t come off as “trendy”.  She’s an all-around stylish girl.

A blazer should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. I have about six and I wear them all constantly.

Check out her cute clogs, and I so want her striped blazer.

The best thing about Andy’s wardrobe?  It’s way affordable as she frequently shops at Zara, H&M and is a total DIYer who adds zing to her pieces.

images via stylescrapbook.


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