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My So-Called Life

And on the seventh day, God created Jordan Catalano.

Jordan Catalano was the love of my 7th grade life and felt like he broke up with me after My So-Called Life was canceled. I was devastated even if we only dated for 19 episodes. I wasn’t ready to heal my broken heart and immersed myself in reruns aired by MTV. I finally got over the break-up once the real life Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto) went goth on me.

Fictional boyfriend aside, I related to this show more than any show I’ve ever been a fan of. Although I never quite understood what the hell was up with Rayanne’s outfits. I often felt as uncool and self-aware as Angela, suffered from an unrequited heart, felt like I had an uncomfortable father-daughter relationship, and hung out with the gays. I too remember thinking my peers had cooler parents because mine were still married and very much normal. Luckily, those days of trying to find myself are long over but my love for this show has never dwindled.

In keeping with the 90s theme, I share with you the best show that not enough people seemed to care about.
My  So-Called Life - Rag & Bone sweaters

Watch the opening credits

Long Live My So-Called Life,

Irene Lovett


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