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Channeling Carrie

I’m probably one of the few women who has zero desire to go out and watch the Sex and the City sequel. (After watching the first one two and a half times, I realized how annoying it was). I’ll hold out for the killer wardrobe once the movie hits my On Demand. I love Aidan, but don’t find it plausible that him and Carrie coincidentally reunite in a desert far, far away from New York City. Therefore, I’ll roll my eyes at the plot in the comfort of my own home.

I’m sure many of you have noticed some of Carrie’s outfits circling the web and her blue Halston Heritage dress got me all excited because I have one pretty darn similar.

I bought mine at Swift, a  local vintage shop, almost four years ago for about $30. You can buy the Halston Heritage dress here. Just an FYI, it’s $435. Irene Lovett comes up again, ooooooooh yeah.

Speaking of Carrie outfits, allow me to share some of my favorite:

I would never dare wear a see through dress, but she pulls it off without looking trashy.

Her pinned flowers started a craze.


The striped skirt is delish and she made the Gucci fanny pack look très chic.

I went out and bought a Mickey Mouse t-shirt as soon as I could.

She wore a cape. A cape! How fabulous.

I remember being in awe of how well she could work some high-rise shorts.

Not exactly an outfit, the “Carrie” necklace is iconic and had my friends rush out to buy their own. I was inspired and chose a bracelet.

images via fashionnation, stylehive, thenonblonde

Sidenote: It’s incredibly awkward posing for an outfit picture even when the husband is taking the shots. This one of me was the least pose-y and captured a real expression. Props to the pro models.



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Alice in Wonderland

Woo Hoo, it’s Friday.

I’m sure many of you are looking forward to watching Alice in Wonderland. This movie is on our list, but then again so was Avatar and we have yet to see it. I’m hoping the movie will be as visually magical (In a Tim Burton sorta way, of course) as the Alice in Wonderland editorial Grace Coddington styled for Vogue several years ago.

One thing is for sure, I doubt Tim Burton’s Alice will have as many designer couture dresses to change into.

images via incessantrambling and fashionbox

And if you haven’t already seen it, watch The September Issue. You will fall in Love with Grace Coddington. No really, you will.


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A Single Man

It’s been over two months since Tom Ford’s A Single Man was released and I just now watched it. Because it was directed by Tom Ford, I knew it would be visually pleasing but this movie goes beyond pleasing – it is visually stunning.  I won’t give away any of the plot because I hate it when my reaction to a movie is even remotely skewed by someone else’s response, but watch the dialogue-free suspense trailer (below) for a glimpse of the Oscar-nominated movie.  I will have to mention that the attention to detail was impeccable and I still can’t get over how exquisitely tailored George’s (Colin Firth) wardrobe was. Glasses have never looked so good.

Since this is an Interior Design-focused blog, I will also have to show off how striking George’s house is.

George’s Mid-Century home is unquestionably astonishing (his vintage Mercedes – not pictured- is drool worthy).

images via modernica

I hear it’s in Glendale, so it appears I’ll be doing some stalking come the weekend.

image via modernica

Charlotte’s (Julianne Moore) Hollywood Regency home is a complete contrast to George’s.  Can I please have those lamps?

I was thrilled when I spotted the below Ikat pattern on Charlotte’s headboard. I almost blurted it out loud, but quickly realized I was in a public setting.

If you haven’t already seen it, please do. And let me know when you do so we can discuss. I’m itching to share more.

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