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Rue: Your Pathway to stILe

Yesterday, Rue released their second issue. I had lots on the agenda, so I only got to skim through it briefly (will savor it later). But when I came across this office, I paused for a long while, slobbered a little and imagined myself behind the desk, sitting on the buttery, yellow desk chair. Let’s have a moment of silence to appreciate its beauty.

Aaaaaannd we’re back.

Okay, one more time.

Gorge to the ous

There’s a huge deal of pretty in this online mag, and aside from this office, I usually tend to be seduced by the details.

Here are my favorite.

Looking for distractions on this Tuesday? Read Rue. It’s free!





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Interior Styling

Residential Design or Hospitality?  When I was studying Interior Design, it felt like those were my only choices. I went back and forth between the two, changing my mind every semester only to figure out that Interior Styling and Accessorizing is my true passion. I only discovered this a few months ago as the words from my professor, “find your niche and specialize in it” echoed in my head. I love the idea of gathering objects for the sake of making them look pretty and perfect –  as if they were always set-up that way.

Two days ago, I joined the decor8-created group, Interior Styling on Flickr. It’s a forum that allows its over 2,000 members to display their work with people worldwide. Not all pictures are accepted by the creator, but I was quite elated that my first submission was welcomed rather quickly. {Pats herself on the back}. I spent more time than I should have looking through all kinds of inspirational images and would like to share some of many that I totally fell for.

Office by you.

Here’s mine.

That bear rug is so cute, and it looks so well contrasted with the green, pale yellow and blue.

Baking never looked so lovely.

I love how every item is placed so casually.

Great color combo.

That lamp is so fun when fit in with vintage artwork, happy colors and traditional chandelier.

The denim colored books, the wood, the horse. Toss is some black and a sweet boy and you have a little cowboy’s room. Darling.

Simply precious.

See how perfectly pretty it all comes together. I could fill up on this meal without eating a scintilla of it.

images via planetfur, busybeeisblogging, uydurrukcu,

ohmybag, via flickr

To check out more of this Interior Styling group click here.

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