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A few posts ago I wrote about my love of birds and most recently wrote about my affinity for pink. Well, put the two together and you get… FLAMINGOS. Call me tacky but I love flamingos.  My fondest memory of the long-legged bird comes from this plastic flamingo-covered purse I picked out as a souvenir from the San Diego zoo. I recall carrying this purse around like I was the most stylish seven-year old in the neighborhood. There’s only so much a plastic bag can take before it falls apart, and so it did.  A flashback of this purse instantaneously came after Evan told me I reminded him of a flamingo. He brought back such a vivid memory that I somehow felt it necessary to keep it alive. So now, I share with you some flamingo inspirations and prove that you don’t have to be tacky to pull off the flamingo look.

image via decorpad

image via designsponge

Our flamingo greeter

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last images via weheartit

The flamingo also made a cameo here and here.



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