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Bargain Bin: Back to School

Sometimes (all the time) I get a little lost in this virtual world I live in and virtually buy things for my virtual closet. Like for my Back to School post. It’s so easy to point and click that I forget how outrageously expensive some of these items are. Totaled, these items probably cost more than an average semester, including textbooks. My mission was to find similar items on the cheap(er). Hope you still find them as appealing.

The Proenza Schouler PS1 is highly coveted and SOLD OUT on Netaporter. Life is cruel when you know people who can drop that kinda dough on a handbag. Save yourself 1,800 dollars and buy the ASOS version. Just try not to think of the soft, buttery suede of the PS1.

The DSW version of the ASOS pair are only $44.95. Plus, you get a side buckle at no extra cost.

So the Mossimo Leather Moto Jacket is a little different from the Topshop one, but a complete knockoff of The Rick Owens one and a great deal at $39.00. Get on it. Scoop Back Maxi Dress

Who needs an 800 dollar wool-blend maxi skirt anyway? Topshop has a more basic one for $36. They also have this scoop back maxi dress. Zexy.

The Diesel dress/sweater is about $120 less than the McQueen cable knit sweater. It’s still kinda pricey at $250, but if you really think about you’re actually getting a two for one.

This Joseph one from Mywardrobe is $140. Compared to the $19.50 GAP one, the purchase is a no-brainer.

You’ll save yourself a hundred bucks if you go with this one versus that one.

Hope this helped some of your financial woes.

Irene Lovett

PS – I entered our Home Office in the CB2 The Selby is in Your Place contest. If you haven’t done so already, you can vote for me here. If I win, they’ll be something in it for you, pinky promise with a scouts honor on the side. Thanks!



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Bargain Bin: Polaroid Art

I love how Polaroid pictures make any shot look like you’ve stepped back in time and give even the most amateur of photoggers (me) picture-taking credibility.

If Polaroid film wasn’t so freaking expensive, I’d buy boat loads of it and dedicate an entire wall in our house to all my aimless shots.  Because the cost-per-picture is about two dollars, I have to be selective about the images I choose to capture and it pains me to waste it on a practice shot, so I’ve relied on my handy ShakeIt iPhone app to help improve my (lack of) skills.  It’s been way more fun to see ordinary pictures look a lot more artistic.

If you’re into Shaking It Like A Polaroid Picture too, here are how the pros do it.  If you also happen to be looking for an inexpensive way to add unique art to your home, these images are way affordable. Your walls will thank you.


Irene Lovett

image one via Alicia Bock, image two via TheLightFantastic, image three via futurowoman, image four via RiciS, image five via isofoto, image six via pocketmemories, image seven snapcoall via Etsy


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Bargain Bin: Home Office

When our house was on the market, it was staged by Meredith Baer (Why she staged our house? No clue. Check out her portfolio and you too will wonder why). Typically when a house is staged, it is staged to give buyers an idea of what to do with a space that was otherwise empty. Dramatic and colorful designs are out of the question. In sticking to a neutral palette, the buyer is more likely to make the purchase. The second I walked into what is now our house, I knew it was staged. And though the execution was nicely presented, it was soooo far from my stile that I couldn’t wait to make the investment and make this house our home.

Take a look at what our office used to look like.

I fell in love with the amount of character this house had to offer and saw tons of potential, but instantly knew that the knotty pine wood paneling needed to go pronto.

I also knew we didn’t have a huge budget to work with and since I live for a good bargain, I either used things from our previous place or found pieces at a very reasonable price. Here’s what I came up with.

The knotty pine was sanded and painted white and fireplace was painted in a high-gloss black. The magazine rack was found outside of our old apartment. I believe it was meant to hold VHS movies, but I re-purposed it to display our magazines. Those two gold candlestick looking things (blogged about here) were bought at the thrift store for $15. The fake Picasso was bought at an estate sale for $5, and the color wheel was made by me during my color theory class. Every color was mixed by me, using the three primary colors. My little Hello sign is from Etsy. The little owl holding some wallpaper that needs to be installed is from Home Goods, purchased for like 20 bucks. The black light fixture was bought at a local lighting place for about $50. I used wrapping paper from Target to cover the back of the ugly desk we bought at Office Depot before I knew any better. The image on the left wall is a picture a Kirby Puckett, gifted to my husband from his BFF.

The acrylic chair was recently purchased from IKEA, and the green lamp was bought at Home Goods for about 30 dollars. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color and shape.

I scored the vintage television from The Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market. So cute! The white bookcase is the ever so popular Expedit from IKEA. I bought mine at some shady store in my hood for 50 bucks and it was already assembled – DOUBLE SCORE!

The zebra print rug is from Cost Plus. The red floor lamp, white side table and accent pillow are all from Target. The side chair was originally used for Evan’s work office, but worked it into our home office instead. The fake Andy Warhol was also found outside of our old apartment. I had it re-framed since it had a few cracks in the original glass.

It’s pretty different than what it was previously, and am super happy with the amount of color I brought in.  A big thanks to Evan who let me have carte blanche with the decor.


Irene Lovett


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Bargain Bin: Take Four

My choices for this weeks bargain bin consist of items for the home. Enjoy!

Bargain Bin:Take  Four

– Every home needs a fabulous mirror and this one from Burke Decor has an amazing shape. The black color will pop against any boring ole wall. Purchase it here for $72.50.

– I love quirky items, doormat from here is just that. Guests will know you have great humor and it’s only $25.00.

These pendants from West Elm are on sale for $79.99 each. I would buy the set of three for $219.99 and create a layered look over a dining room table.

– Also love a good area rug with a great pattern. Available for $110.00 through The Well Appointed House.

– These sleek and chic Galvanized Planters are a steal for only $5.95 for the small and $24.95 for the large. Just right for a cute little patio or porch.

–  Throw pillow with pink accent is calling for the woman who doesn’t want to come off too girlie. On sale for $35 at Dwell Studio.

“See” you all back here tomorrow.

-Irene Lovett

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Bargain Bin: Take Three

I share with you some stylish yet extremely affordable items that I hope you like enough to add to your wardrobe. And if you do, let me know so I can borrow them. : )

Bargain Bin

Dresses are the solution when an easy outfit is desired. Try this Striped Maxi Dress from Forever 21 – $15.80

Protect your eyes from the hot Summer sun with these Old Navy sunglasses – $7.97

Jot down your Summer memories with this journal from Anthropologie – $12

Don’t be shy with color this Summer. Try painting your nails a fun one. Mint Candy Apple from Essie is on my list – $8

Multi-Chain Necklace from Forever 21 is only $8.80 but its statement is priceless.

Perfect for a beach trip, stash your Summer essentials in this Canvas Carryall from Urban Outfitters – $29.99

Asos Suede Cork Pumps are a steal at only $25.

I hope the Sun will make an appearance on this gloomy Tuesday,

Irene Lovett

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Bargain Bin: Take Two

Add a little bling bling to your outfit with these gorgeous earrings from J. Crew. Only $39.99.

For 26 dollars and 60 cents you can have indefinite purity with this Jonathan Adler quirky item.

For the Chica who likes a bit of Boho flair, this Cascadia Pillow from Kohl’s is on sale for $9.99. I may have to pick some up myself. Better hurry before I beat you to it.

Throw some sophistication into your mix (whatever that may be) because stripes are forever classic. This pillow, also from Kohl’s, is only $14.99.$pd300$

This appetizer plate set will add some pop to your next dinner party. On clearance for $19.95 here.

Ikat is all the rage and for $69.98 you can have a King size Ikat Comforter. Sold here. I’d toss some throw pillows in at least two different shades to create a more finished look.

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Bargain Bin: Take One

Braided Gold Frame

These braided frames from Modern Chic Home are only $15 but add great elements of pattern and texture. Available here.

This wallpaper from Urban Outfitters is only $39.99 but will hugely impact your  wall.

Update your dresser or cabinet drawers with these bubbled glass handles from Anthropologie. Only $7.98.

Silk Dupioni Window Panel

Silk Dupinoi Window Panels on sale for $24.99 at West Elm. Great price, rich texture, fabulous color.

Retro Measuring Cups

Really loving these retro measuring cups from Pier One. All yours for only $7.48

Cane Beach Towels - Cost Plus World Market

Perfect for summer, these beach towels from Cost Plus are $11.99. I’m eyeing the green and aqua one.

Happy Bargain Shopping,

Irene Lovett


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