Esquire House 2010. And Then Some

I’ve been meaning to discuss Interior Designer Annette English for some time now.  She was the first Interior Designer I interned for and though this was several years ago, I still like to check back and see what new projects she’s completed. Unlike the excess of snobs I’ve encountered in this industry, Annette was always super sweet and delightful to work for. I was always a nervous wreck coming into the office and her friendly smile made me feel a tad more at ease.

Just last night, The Husband handed me his most recent issue of Esquire. Without a specific page open, my first thought was, “What am I looking at?” Ahhh, it’s the Esquire House issue. I said, “Oh, I think Annette was a part of this one year.” And bam, I turned the page and there was her friendly smile looking back at me once again.

Annette English and Associates designed the master bedroom of the ultimate bachelor pad for the Esquire House 2010, inspired by the fashion house, Salvatore Ferragamo.

Annette traveled all the way to Florence to visit the Ferragamo Museum to grasp the true essence of the brand’s history.

The result is a space full of rich textures, unexpected materials and handmade pieces, each representing the craftsmanship of Ferragamo products. A sense of luxury and quality is also evident in this room, a traditional/modern hybrid.

Not too shabby, huh?

Here’s a look at some of her other projects.





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6 responses to “Esquire House 2010. And Then Some

  1. Dee

    I WANT!!!

    I want ALL of it!

    When I either become rich or marry rich (or become rich by promise me we’ll design my palace like this???

    Thanks! : )

  2. love love the dining room w/ ghost chairs- i want one so badly for my desk in my bedroom.

  3. OH my goodness I want that dining room!


  4. What, if i say that this post is amazing and has such kind of brilliant information that make you to read complete.

  5. BCF

    So I’m thinking I need some of those hanging things for my itty bitty studio. What do you think? I have a month off from school starting next week so I need a couple projects! I’m thinking either headboard, those hanging things, fabric for the blank wall in my closet and 2 new dining room chairs. Feel free to pick which ones I can sucker you into helping me out with =D

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