Thanksgiving is Over, But I’m Still Talking About It. Mainly Because I Set A Beautiful Table. Eddie Ross Said So.

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to host Thanksgiving? Yeah well, The Husband had some recipes up his sleeve and begged for us to host so he could prove his skills in chefery. And I don’t mean opening up a can of cranberry sauce or making Stove Top. The Husband made the turkey (for the second time), gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams, creamed corn, and left the mashed potatoes to me. I’m not one to be out-shined, so I also set the table. Beautifully. What? I didn’t say it, Eddie Ross did. And he was Senior Style Editor of Martha Stewart Living. And well, we all know Martha is the Jesus Christ of craftiness and all things turned pretty, making Eddie like a disciple or something. I don’t know, I’m not religious.

But anyway, here’s what Eddie said. About my table. He’s like big man status so he surely did not need to say anything. But he did and it could not have been said by a more qualified person than if it were Martha herself. Thank you, Eddie.

Meet the kale.

If you notice, all of the dinnerware, stemware and silverware is from my garden party. (Seen here) The vintage books, vases, dry leaves and ikat bowls I already had. I went out and bought the fabric for the tablecloth from Calico Corners. FYI, if you buy fabric from Calico Corners, it’s a two week lead time. Luckily, they have a sale section in the back you can buy bolts of. I was extra lucky they had just enough yardage for my table.  The mini pumpkins, corn and kale are all from the grocery store. I filled the clear vases with paper to bring in some extra pattern. This could only last for so long until the kale starts to wilt.

There you have it, a table setting by designstILes.





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9 responses to “Thanksgiving is Over, But I’m Still Talking About It. Mainly Because I Set A Beautiful Table. Eddie Ross Said So.

  1. Annette

    So beautiful Irene! I have those exact silver candlestick holders and placed them in the same place as yours! I LOVE the Kale idea and I want your white stemware!!!!

  2. The Sistah

    That’s so cool! So proud of you and your beautiful creations.

  3. Go you! Loving the touch with the kale. (And props on finding a man who can make a mean turkey).

    Eddie is not only talented but seriously super sweet and thoughtful.

  4. Gorgeous- I love your ikat bowls and kale- they work beautifully with your lovely tablecloth.

  5. Okay honestly I had no idea where my wife was going with this when I saw the traditionally-colored tablecloth. . .then as the pieces started coming together, it looked absolutely marvelous. Stunning, in fact, and perfect for the holiday – a modern update on a classic look.

  6. BananaAnna

    Hey I have those same place mats. Does that count for something?

  7. Whoa.. Eddie Ross.. that must have been a fun comment!
    It looks gorgeous. table settings just daunt me. Some day, somehow I’ll get them down. For now I’ll just be happy I finally have a table!

  8. Your table looks fabulous and so festive! Loves!

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