Rue: Your Pathway to stILe

Yesterday, Rue released their second issue. I had lots on the agenda, so I only got to skim through it briefly (will savor it later). But when I came across this office, I paused for a long while, slobbered a little and imagined myself behind the desk, sitting on the buttery, yellow desk chair. Let’s have a moment of silence to appreciate its beauty.

Aaaaaannd we’re back.

Okay, one more time.

Gorge to the ous

There’s a huge deal of pretty in this online mag, and aside from this office, I usually tend to be seduced by the details.

Here are my favorite.

Looking for distractions on this Tuesday? Read Rue. It’s free!





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2 responses to “Rue: Your Pathway to stILe

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Irene!

    The first image is so beautiful with that “tree” on the wall…

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