A Girl, Her Place and Her Plates












Rachel Bilson can do no wrong. I fall even more in love with her wardrobe every time I see her. Did I tell you I ran into her at a Halloween pop-up shop? Gaaaahhh! I think I blushed while trying to keep it cool and not get caught checking her out. I tower over her both in height and width. I imagine her wearing this dress while hosting a fab dinner party using these vintage plates in her gorgeously glam, girly place.

Happy Friday,


images via coco+kelley, full house, picapp




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3 responses to “A Girl, Her Place and Her Plates

  1. the 1st image is wonderful. Happy new week, Irene

  2. Adore the place- those ottomans kill me. Love the plates too and her dress is fab in that shot. Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Love Rachel, of course… and those plates are to-die-for! Your blog is lovely – XO

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