Table Settings Fit for a Turkey. Gobble Gobble.

My first year as a married woman, I hosted Thanksgiving. Mostly I just wanted the role of setting a pretty table. I asked my mom to make the turkey. I did, however, make some bombass mashed potatoes. Homemade. Or maybe that was the following year. Anyway, I think my in-laws and parents were rather impressed and not just because they felt obligated to. It paled in comparison to these, but this was long before I knew about blogs so my sources of (free) inspiration were limited. No more excuses.

Top Pic The City Sage Bottom Pic Eddie Ross

These have got to be two of the best Thanksgiving table settings I’ve ever seen. I especially love that blue has been incorporated and steps away from the traditional yellows and oranges.

I am not hosting this year, but here are a few items I’d consider.$redesign-openLarger$$redesign-openLarger$

Maybe next year I’ll add in some teal and pink.



plates West Elm and Anthro. Tumbler – Anthro. Wine Glass – Potterybarn. Tablecloth fabric – fabric(dot)com and Blessings napkins from Etsy.


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3 responses to “Table Settings Fit for a Turkey. Gobble Gobble.

  1. 🙂 no more excuses

    happy Friday!

  2. I was eyeing those West Elm dessert plates too- aren’t they so chic??

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