It’s My Party and I’ll Act How I Want To,fashion,food,musician,people,photography-f72413cc1396f8374cca25f02f6311cb_h.jpg

I have over a year until I turn twenty-one thirty but I’m kinda already planning my party. Kinda like I’m already planning my baby shower and designing my future kid’s nursery. No, I haven’t sent out any invites or bought any nursery decor (though I’ve come close), but I am saving inspirational images. A lot can change in a year plus, but for now I think I’d like an ultra feminine, girly party with lots of flowers and pretty colors. Once you’re thirty you’re like a woman and should act more serious, and the only thing I’m ever really serious about are my outfits. And after thirty I promised The Husband I’d have baby on the brain, so I want to bid farewell to my twenties with as much fun as possible aka consuming copious amounts of adult beverages without worrying if I’m acting like a bad mother.



images via visualize, weheartit, wedding mayhem, Kelly Oshiro Design


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4 responses to “It’s My Party and I’ll Act How I Want To

  1. this week it’s my birthday. So I feel the same 🙂 I really like this post. greetings from Germany

  2. The Sistah

    This all makes me really happy. 🙂

  3. Dee

    I’ll be saying goodbye to my early twenties.
    I can’t wait til May! I’m sure I’ll be busy on your birthday party day…oh I wasn’t invited?
    : )

  4. ::ahem:: I expect an invite! lol

    Mama Chuey

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