Friday You’re So Defining

These dictionaries are so pretty and would look gorgeous displayed on a bookshelf or make for a great conversation piece on a charming table setting.

Happy Weekend,


PS – for those who are email subscribers, sometimes the formatting gets screwed up and what you see in the email is not how it appears on the blog. I’d recommend clicking on the link located at the top with the http and funny letters to see that I don’t just put pictures in randomly . Thanks for following!

images via Zuniga Interiors, unknown, decorpad


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4 responses to “Friday You’re So Defining

  1. Those books are gorgeous! Hope your having a great weekend!


  2. these books look great as a decorative item!! great post.

    feel free to visit/comment on my blog, http://www.thefacelessblog and follow me on google friends and bloglovin if u wish!

    would love to know wot u think!

    keep in touch. xx

  3. Loving the color palette…perfect for display on a bookshelf 🙂

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