Man Oh Man

Sometimes I like to scour the men’s department before hitting the women’s. Not just because I’m in charge of selecting The Husband’s wardrobe, but because the button-up selection is just better in the men’s section. And the sweater situation is especially perfect during this time of year. I’m all about smart shopping and when The Husband gets to sport a nice cable-knit that I get to borrow, well then the cost-per-wear is surely worth it. Yesterday it wasn’t a button-up or a sweater I had my eye on, it was a weekender bag. And I just might have to convince The Husband he “needs” it for his next business trip, which coincidentally I’ll be attending. I think you know what I’m alluding to.

Perfect for fall, this bag makes me wanna get away and stay in a cozy, comfy room like this:
and sit back, relax and enjoy a warm latte.
Speaking of men’s clothes, I’m so copying this look for my guy:

It’s almost Friday,


images via unknown, weheartit and Zara.


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6 responses to “Man Oh Man

  1. The Husband likes this attention, even if it is indirect. I’m all for the last outfit, and though he does need a bag – how about something a bit less showy and more all-leathery?

  2. oh em gee!
    the husband also has a blog & reads the wife’s blog?
    sooo cute!!!!
    happy almost friday!

  3. Pfft. I wish I could get my fiance to wear anything that “fashionable”. His idea of dressed is jeans, a t, and boots. If it’s a nicer occasion, then dark wash jeans, nicer boots, and a button down. When we started dating all of his button down shirts were about 3 sizes too big. Apparently his ex-wife had convinced him “tight” fitting clothing was inappropriate and vulgar for a middle aged man. I have since determined that a) she’s a bitch, and b) she was jealous that he was aging better than her. lol

  4. Oh. and that bag is so fabulous that I think you need to buy it anyway. Even if he doesn’t think he needs it. It’s so classic, you could use it in your living room with throws poking out of it or to hold extra kindling next to your fireplace. A multi-tasker for sure.

  5. I’m loving menswear too lately. Zara is always a source of inspiration.

  6. MutualFriend

    Just when I had convinced myself that I’m definitely not gay, you go and post a picture of a gorgeous bag and I turn all to jelly. Also dig the cable-knit in the same pic.

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