Lonny Love

That time has come when pretty much everyone in the Interior Design blogosphere talks about the new issue of Lonny. And now I’m doing it too. What? In case you’re judging me, I typically dance to the beat of my own music. Wait, bad analogy. Now you think I’m a terrible dancer. I think you’re all smart enough to get my point. I promise to be more creative tomorrow. Maybe. Here are a few things that really caught my eye and shouted my name. Happy one year, Lonny. I always look forward to seeing you.




Paul Smith Wool Wallhanging from The Rug Company. So cute for a kid’s room. In fact, it was in a kids’ room. On Page 100.



Something about the 60s is resonating with me as of late. Like this photo on page 104. With a motto like “Hot art, cool vibe” how could I not find this gallery appealing.

Photography by Amy Perl


Lonny Accesories

In case you fall into the small percentage of people who do their Christmas shopping early, here are a few items to consider, for me. Okay, not just for me, but for anyone who likes pretty bottles, gold, and vintage looking things that aren’t really vintage.
left to right: razor/toothbrush holder, hand and body wash, camera, kate spade perfume.





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3 responses to “Lonny Love

  1. your post made me laugh! it really was a great issue though…i’ll probably be joining the bandwagon and commenting on it too!

  2. Love those photos above the girls’ beds and the bottle of that body wash.

  3. No judging here because I think I am going to do a post on Lonny tomorrow! I was going to try and go without, but there was so much eye candy in this issue that I have to share my favourite things!

    One of my favs is the art in the little girls’ room. I want to do that exact same thing for my son!

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