Let’s Take a Trip to the Upper East Side

So the other day (Friday October 1st at 11:53 AM, if you’re detail oriented) a reader contacted me. Yes, a reader! And not any friends or family who read this because I’d give them a guilt trip if they didn’t. But an actual reader. I’m like legit now. Anyway, so a reader contacted to tell me quote Love Love Love your  blog. Don’t mean to brag but the L, O, V and E were ALL capitalized. She also let me in on her New York-based design company’s latest project – an Upper East Side Apartment. Take a gander at the work of Decor by Guillaume Gentet Inc.

I would’ve posted them immediately after she sent them but I had to play it cool and not look too obvious, obviously.


The previous granite flooring was replaced with this scissor stone pattern with mother-of-pearl inlay. The early 20th century impressionist painting is from an auction.

Faux cerused oak treatment went into this den, along with custom drapes and an amazing chandelier from Oly.

Powder Room

Take a close look at the hand-painted de Gourney wallpaper and hand-drawn mosaic flooring. Impressed yet?

Custom daybed and sofa share the extra sitting area with commercially available furniture.

Here’s a view from a different angle. Notice how the orange brings a contemporary feel to the otherwise more traditional space. Don’t forget to take a look at the piano as well.

Marble tiles were used for this Master Bath.

Master Bedroom

A part of the apartment I know I would spend lots of time in, the tasting room.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. And thank you reader (she has a real name) for sharing.  Feel free to check out the company’s blog as well.





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4 responses to “Let’s Take a Trip to the Upper East Side

  1. That foyer is amazing and the whole space is oh soooo chic!!!


  2. The Sistah

    I LOVE the orange couch! Just Fyi…I’ve always found you totally legit. 🙂

  3. amaazinggg!! Thanks Irene! You’ll always be bookmarked on my comp 😉

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