Irene and Halloween

Halloween has become my favorite holiday since discovering dressing up in adulthood is way more fun than it was in childhood. Slutty costumes may or may not be the reason, though it’s good to have options. of Dee

I love Halloween despite a few contradictory reasons:

1. My costumes are usually last-minute, made-up, hardly creative and typically consist of items I already own. One year I dressed up as a cowgirl waitress (?!?). Whatever, my dress was short.

2. I HATE being scared. I scare The Husband, my dog and possibly my future kids but it ends there. I can scare you but you cannot scare me. Those are the rules. Sorry.

3. I’m also scared of the dark. The Husband is paranoid of the dark and, like chapstick, we keep flashlights everywhere. Chapped lips also scare me, but that’s un-Halloween related.

4. I’ve never watched a scary movie in its entirety. Wait, I take that back. I saw Blair Witch Project like ten years ago and I still have trouble sleeping.

Sidenote: As a teenager kid, I always collected the least candy. Mostly because I would not walk up to someone’s door unless the porch light was on. Eff you if you were one of those who blasted scary sound effects from a tape player.

I really just like the excuse to wear my freaky/kinky clothes and appear totally normal. Can we please create more costume holidays?

Yes, I’ve been waiting all year to be a Tranny Prostitute.

This year I’ll be making up my own costume, which I’ve decided is the best route to take. A low point is when 20 other girls are wearing my your same unoriginal costume and at least half of them look better than me you. Never again. I can only imagine how much that bites.
Being uncreative gives me the sads.
Sending you creative super powers,
Irene Lovett


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6 responses to “Irene and Halloween

  1. Annette

    You are absolutely hysterical Irene! I love your posts and your costumes are awesome! Happy Halloween 🙂

  2. oh my goodness! you are too cute for words!! keep us posted on your costume choices and what you end up whipping up!!

  3. You really are the cutest! And that e card is so funny b/c its true! 🙂

  4. apparently being uncreative gives you the sexies, too.

  5. hahaha, this post gave me the giggles. you’re funny. make sure to post pics of your costume.

  6. LOL i love this cartoon. it’s so true. I don’t know what i am being this year- i won cowboy boots off a blog, so i am tempted to be a cowgirl? but it’s kinda unoriginal… hmmm

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