Friday You're So Succulent

My mom has two green thumbs. I, unfortunately, did not inherit either. Lucky for me, The Husband was born with more estrogen than I was and he loves doing girly things like planting flowers, tending his garden, watering our indoor plants and wearing make-up, in private. I caught him. Okay, I made the last part up, but if it weren’t for him we’d have no foliage.

I like flowers, but I like succulents better. They’re low maintenance and only need to be watered once a month. I think. Don’t quote me. If you completely lack the green thumb gene, you can purchase fake {Gasp} succulents and never worry about them being thirsty. Just promise me you’ll find some that look as real as real.

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend and Happy First Day of the New Month,

Irene Lovett

images via designsponge, real simple and bloomerism, little lovables


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3 responses to “Friday You're So Succulent

  1. The Sistah

    I got an awesome succulent at the Pasadena Flea Market (at your suggestion) and I get compliments all the time and I water it very rarely. My kind of plant!

  2. i have a bamboo in my kitchen which also needs little to none watering. the best kind.
    happy 1st of the month!

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