Reminisce Over You

I’ve been meaning to share pictures of my friend’s wedding not just because she’s my friend and I happened to be a bridesmaid, but because her wedding was awesome. Beautiful, to say the least. And believe me when I tell you it wasn’t the wine talking, though I had lots. Total cost of the wedding was less than what some girls pay for a wedding dress, but the amount of detail proves you don’t have to be rich to throw a fab fiesta. Her crazy talented photographer captured it all for us to view.

First, take a look at some of their engagement photos. They get me every time.

Super creative and full of (their) personality wedding invite

The left side is the back of the invite and the right side is the front side.

And on to the wedding. Dom dom dom dom. Nope, Anna walked down the aisle to The Beatles song, Here Comes The Sun.

Party Time!

Yup, we were that table.

professional pictures taken by Kelly Kriesel



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4 responses to “Reminisce Over You

  1. It’s lovely. Her dress is gorgeous!

  2. BCF

    Looks like a REALLY fun wedding, totally adorable & about the couple, not about impressing everyone else! very very awesome!

  3. What is it with dressed up boys getting their picture taken needing to drop trou? My cousins are in a German dance group that travels and groups travel to us for events, as well. Every group drops their pants on at least on photo.

  4. BananaAnna

    Eeeee! I finally got to look at this entry. I had sneek peeked it last week, but didn’t get back on the internet till today. Much love to the talented young lady, designstILes. xoxoxo

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