She’s a Freak, Oww

Unaware of the title, for the longest time I thought the Commodores song Brick House said, She’s a Freak, Oww.

Take a look at these pictures of exposed brick in the house.  I love this look and think it adds lots of texture to a space.

After my friend told me her new house had exposed brick in the kitchen, I thought she was one lucky gal.

But then she said her boyfriend, excuse me, fiance (she just got engaged!), wanted to knock it down.

Perplexed beyond belief, I felt it should be my mission to defend my exposed brick case.

But I was too late. He simply did not like it and tore it down.

I wanted so badly to assure her that the durability of this brick could quite possibly prevent her kitchen from collapsing. Not that it was unstable or anything, but I needed backup to prove my point.

The Three Little Pigs. Did he forget that story?

Not even a little bit, I wanted to ask?

He doesn’t even want to paint it?

Nope. No brick in this kitch.

Hope I didn’t make you feel bad, GC. But maybe you can make him feel bad.

Kidding, kidding.

Thanks for stopping by,

Irene Lovett

images via MFAMB, My Little Apartment, decorpad, Cococozy, unknown, Aesthetically Lovely, Me, Lavender & Lilies


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2 responses to “She’s a Freak, Oww

  1. What????? How could he tear it down? I would LOVE an exposed brick wall somewhere in my house. I am smitten with them as well. I can stop looking at that ottoman in the first picture!

  2. gonna send this to my mom

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