Friday You’re So In Love,couple,prenup-3892e89e60169daa70085fec7b53c6e1_h.jpg,fashion,photography,style,couple-d0b652fa0d4f52504290a27fa88f1b0f_h.jpg

I’m in love with this weather. When people say Some Like It Hot, I think they’re referring to just me. I’m positive my ancestors always resided near the equator, as I don’t think it’s in my genes to live in a place where winters are brutal. I go into a state of hypothermia if it drops below 70.

Hope you’re feeling The Love this Labor Day Weekend,

Irene Lovett

images via flickr, via A Cup of Jo, weheartit, decorpad, Haven and Home


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3 responses to “Friday You’re So In Love

  1. I feel the exact same way…I really should live in the South! xx

  2. What a lovely weekend it was for me- i hope you too! The LOVE pillow cases are so fab….my friend has them and they look adorbs on her bed!

  3. Hello!! I feel the same way! I cannot stand the cold! That’s why I moved to CA from MN 🙂

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