When my friend asked me to help her decorate her new apt, we based our color scheme around turquoise dinner plates, white with black salad dishes and red bowls.


On our second day of shopping, she mentioned that her mom brought her back this red cushion-y seat thing from her trip to Morocco. Moderately paying attention, I was a little worried this “thing” would not go with my design plan.


Little did she know, or did I imagine at the time, that she scored, big time.


I realized what she was talking about when we were at some store and pointed one out. Moroccan Pouf, I should’ve known better.


She casually said, “Oh, this is like the one my mom brought me.”


Guurrrl, these are like 400 hundred dollars. Haven’t you been reading my blog? I used one in this nursery.


Point is, her mom has an eye for design and she can thank her mom she has extra seating and an awesome red pouf that makes her new place look even awesomer. Here Dee, these pictures are for you.

– Irene Lovett

images via casa sugar, darling darleen, Elle Decor, The Sale Rack, Bohemian Vintage, Caitlin Creer,
and Little Bits


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3 responses to “Pouf

  1. ha love it! I actually got a gold one from Nate Burkus line for $100, yeah!

  2. Dee

    This made my day!
    it was like *pouf* magic!


  3. BananaAnna

    Uhum I am pretty sure her mom didn’t bring it back for her. Haha

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