I'm Coming for Ya

As I made my way into Lowe’s the other day, a row of picnic tables out front greeted me with, BUY ME. Not as depressing as a puppy store when you feel guilty not taking all of them home, but there they were in the sweltering heat asking to be picked up. I’ll be back for you, I said. You’re all raw and bare in your current state, but I’m taking one of you home and giving you a fun life by painting you (haven’t decided color) and hosting a bbq in your honor. Welcome to the family. Since Summer finally decided to pay us a visit (thanks, you’re more than fashionably late), I’ll be coming up with picnic table settings while everyone else is preparing for Fall.

I Love You.

Here are some inspirational images to get the wheels turning.


Pretty flowers and simple setting.


Move girl, you’re ruining the mood. Just kidding. You can come to my picnic bbq party.



An indoor picnic table – work it. Always a fan of turquoise, and individually seat cushions are a good call.


Smooth and semi-glossy. You’re an option.


Simple flowers in old glass jars/vases. I can do this and so can you.

images via country living, at first bite, beachy in the city, Elle Decor, Mary Ruffle


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5 responses to “I'm Coming for Ya

  1. Turquoise. Definitely. Match it to your front door!

  2. So true! This is the perfect setting for those wine bottles. 😉

  3. Funny, we went to buy lumber (who buys “lumber” anymore?) for our new patio and I was checking out their pre-made picnic tables too. And their pre-made vegetable boxes. Pretty great.

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