Bargain Bin: Irene's Wedding Oufit

Friday was the culmination of weddings on our list this Summer. Bring on more weddings, I say. With each of them equally fun and special in their own right, Friday’s deserves a few extra points because Evan was given the honor of officiating. Baffling and humorous if you know my husband, or Rev Ev as nicknamed by The Bride.

Picking out a wedding outfit is only part of the fun of the whole wedding attending process. Initially, I wanted a dress with a summer-y print and to stray far away from black. Low and behold, an LBD is what I bought. I convinced myself it was the right choice for a young, hip wedding and tried to make it look edgy slash chic. I thought the dress was a’ight and was completely surprised by the sweet comments this $27 dress received.

I “accidentally” beheaded myself. I was toying with the crop button and Poof, off with her head she goes. I recently switched over to a Mac and apparently I’m still learning the ropes. I’m sure I was dancing at this point, which totally reminded me of the moment my friend came up to me to tell me her date asked her if I was on extacy. At which point I should’ve responded with, “No way! I dance way different when I’m on XTC.” Joking aside, this isn’t the first time someone confuses my high energy with engaging in mind altering drugs. It’s a compliment where I come from.

Here’s a “better” picture. Me with The Rev. His tranquilizers were just sinking in. Don’t let this picture discourage you from hiring him.

Here’s a breakdown of my outfit:

Wedding Outfit

Dress – Forever 21 – $27.80

Earrings – Topshop – $25

Shoes – Asos – $70

Belt – My belt is from a thrift store in Seattle but I found a similar one at Urban Outfitters for $38.

Clutch – I found my much cheaper version on Ebay for about $10. This McQueen one will set you back, a lot.

Ring – My turquoise ring was a gift from The BCF. This one here is from Couture Candy.

Nail Polish – We scoped out the wedding location before the wedding and was completely inspired by these amazing sparkly pendants hanging from the ceiling, so I bought this Sephora by OPI nail polish to coordinate, but I ran out of time and only got to paint my thumb. Boo.

This outfit is also very New Years. If you like to plan ahead, go on and take it. You’re welcome.


Irene Lovett



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5 responses to “Bargain Bin: Irene's Wedding Oufit

  1. hahahaha Irene! that was hilarious when he asked me that! You looked absolutely gorgeous, hence the reason why I kept asking you where you got each item you were rockin’!

  2. Really cute outfit! Love the dress and sash! Glad you had such a great time!

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