Music to My Eyes: Outkast

Evan and I attended the same Outkast concert years before we actually met. I found this out after sharing a common interest in the duo and partook in a duet of Da Art of Storytellin’ on one of our first outings. Evan was with a mutual friend of The Sistah’s, and I spotted this mutual friend making my way to the concert. If I hadn’t been embarrassed by my frizzing up hair, I could’ve very well met Evan that night.

I probably would’ve selected a more pimped out room for the Bois of Outkast, but for the Chiks, this room coordinates rather well with the Speakerboxxx/The Love Below album cover. Note the furry rug.

Thanks for ‘Listening’,

Irene Lovett


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One response to “Music to My Eyes: Outkast

  1. MutualFriend

    Dude I so saw you. If I wasn’t embarrassed of your frizzy hair I might have introduced you right then and there. 😉

    Love this feature btw.

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