I Like Your stILe: Hallie

Months ago, about six, Paloma from La Dolce Vita featured a reader’s home. It is so stylish and chic that I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Because I was new to this whole blogging thing and still hadn’t learned to file pretty pictures away, I hopped on over to her blog today to try to find it. Problem was, Paloma has been in the game years before me and has tons of (great) posts to go through. Leaping from distraction to distraction, I went into my memory bank for clues – ahhh, hasn’t failed me just yet. David Hicks’ La Fiorentina was the key piece to the puzzle. Took me about 15 mins, but I found it.

Hallie’s Apartment


I’m down with any girl who uses a plethora of flea market and estate sale finds.


Her zebra cowhide was found on ebay. She also designed and built her lucite ottoman (!!!) while in college. I think it’s fair to assume she passed this class with high scores. If she lived around these parts, I’d totally break into her place and steal those stools. I also spy a mirrored tray from Target.

Like mine.


Fantastic dresser. She made it even more fantastic by adding a mirrored top. She also had a lamp made out of the Blanc de Chine figurine.


Check out her neat lamp. Reminds me of mine.

Okay, enough about me. That white console is pretty sweet too.




She found her table base at an estate sale and found the glass for it on Craigslist. Smart shopper. She also painted and reupholstered her own chairs.

Recognize those candlestick holders on her table? I do!

Sorry, I know I said enough about me.


Her bedroom. Love that her side tables and lamps don’t match.


Here’s the lovely Mrs. Hallie on her wedding day, in January!!! Same month I got married. Soul Sisters?

Too bad she doesn’t have a blog. Not that I know of at least. Otherwise I’d be all up on it like a bee on some honay.


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  1. Love the mix of colours and fabrics!

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