Back to School

Haaaaa. Lord no, not me. Never. School and I got along only amicably, but not because we actually liked each other. I thought she was too pushy and demanding and she probably thought I was wasting my time. We slowly started to become friends toward the end of my degree but we haven’t kept in touch since.

As a kid, the first day of school made me nauseated beyond belief and faking my own death would’ve been a better option. Come senior year of high school, I finally stopped peeing my pants, metaphorically. Tricking my mom into buying me supplies I didn’t need was the best part of this agonizing Back to School event.  Mom, my teacher says it’s okay to turn in homework on Lisa Frank stationary. She also likes it when I adorn my homework with stickers, and don’t forget my fingers hurt when I use regular pencils. They write better with pencils from Sanrio, preferably Little Twin Star. And clothes. Hello new clothes. And shoes. And backpack.

Majoring in Interior Design also required buying supplies I didn’t need, but this time it was the professors doing the tricking. Three dollar Prismacolor Markers?!? And I quote unquote need a hundred of them? Do you realize I don’t have a real job? I complained, but it was fun acting like a real professional with an artbox full of pencils in every number, rolled up tracing paper and velum sketched with floor plans, even that dumb cart with wheels became endearing.

To all the kids who dread this first day of school, I feel your pain. Did I ever. Here’s what I would want if I was going back to school.

A suede satchel to store my crumpled up notes I only refer to when a test is on the way.

A cute pair of boots with a heel low enough not to ail my feet for those times I need to make a dash across campus.

A jacket. This is Fall Semester, you know.

A maxi skirt will be a nice alternative to my overuse of leggings.

A cable knit sweater. Can’t just wear the jacket, right?

Slash Neck Sailor Tee by Joseph

A striped T. Because I only have ten.$detailmain$

A cute tunic I can wear with opaque tights on those chilly days.

I’ll need books to distract me from the real books.$detailmain$

I’ll treat myself to this lace rug for surviving the first day of school.

This multi-chain bracelet is for making it through the semester.

I’ll probably also manage to find something for barely passing the midterm.

Cases of red bull. You know why.



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5 responses to “Back to School

  1. YKI

    This had me laughing, crying, reminiscing and having a dang good time remembering my first days (before) school. Captured the essence, designstILes. VERY well done.

  2. Ugh. I want every single item on your list. Unfortunately everything is WAY out of my price range. Booo! (I especially love that outrageously pricey satchel).

    I actually managed to make myself puke on the way to school first day of my Sophomore year. Out the window of my mothers car. Waiting to pull into the parking lot. I got to go home. hehe

  3. The Sistah

    I LOVE the suede bag. Perhaps you can find a more affordable option for your “bargain bin” column. I somehow doubt I can convince my husband that I need a $1200 bag for school.

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