Vampire Weekend Plays Music to My Eyes

I’m fortunate enough to be blessed with rhythm and dance coordination. I base this on the time I won $5 in a dance contest when I was seven or eight, maybe nine. I’ll even figure out a way to dance to songs not meant for busting a move, but whenever Vampire Weekend’s A-Punk comes on, I end up looking like I’m deranged and high on the good stuff. Not to fret because I realize this album is an “It’s not me, it’s you” situation and best when listened not danced to.

This girl looks like she was pulled out of the hipster party taking place on the album cover, put into a glam dress and asked to pose for someone’s blog. The photo coloration (or whatever that mood lighting effect is called) matches to a tee.

PS – I gave Best Coast a shot and we’re officially dating. Soon to be married. Sorta reminds me of something I’d listen to when I wanna be left alone to ponder. If you’re into muffled tunes with a 50s flair, listen here.

PPS –  a BIG thank you to my new blog subscribers. You made my day.

– Irene Lovett

image two via dress design decor


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4 responses to “Vampire Weekend Plays Music to My Eyes

  1. SilverLake Guy

    Loved that VW album. Didn’t really get into their second one though.

    I hadn’t even heard of Best Coast until like a month ago, and now I can’t stop hearing about them. Guess I’ll check it out.

  2. I love this! She does totally look like she was a guest at the Vampire Weekend album cover. I heart them.

  3. Rebeca

    no worries cuz, the same affliction comes over me when i hear that song

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