On a Walk

Back from the doctor and all is good on the Western Front. Just a little carpel tunnel. Bet you didn’t think I spent so much time on the web researching fun items and pretty pictures to share with you all, or maybe you did and this comes to no surprise. It’s worth it and so was getting poked by the nurse. Did not expect to have blood drawn otherwise I may have had more than a pot of coffee for breakfast. Arrived at my appointment in lighting speed time. I also managed to make it home safely through the nauseating, loopy (maybe that was just me) roads of Pacific Palisades to bring you a set inspired by the picture I teased you with before I left. Took it while walking the doggies and snapped the fastest picture I could because the owner had just gotten home and didn’t want to get caught looking like a crazy. I assume these windows are to her bedroom and if she would’ve seen me, I would’ve been MORTIFIED.

The red bush perched under the window is what first caught my attention. I stopped and stared while the doggies took care of business, wondering why I never took notice before. The big, open windows with black shutters make for a great color scheme and wondered if I’d be able to come up with something incorporating the color of the tree and grass as well.

Patio Set

I created a layout meant for the outdoors because it’s still Summer and wanna be in Summer mode at least until it’s over.

If you’re interested, items used are as follows:

Daybed – Laneventure, Wicker Chairs – Pieces, Wicker Ottomans – Pieces, Area Rug – Madeline Weinrib, Zebra Bench – Oly, Accent Pillows – Madeline Weinrib, Planter – Well Appointed House, Tree Stump Side Table – West Elm

– Irene Lovett


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