stILe Finds: Summer Outfit

I’ve seen this picture a few times before, but today I decided to take it from The City Sage.

For a while I was really worried Los Angeles would not receive a Summer this year, which would be entirely cruel and evil of Mother Nature. I don’t care if we’re gifted with 75 degree weather throughout most of the year, no sweater weather kinda nights are what I live for. But alas, my prayers have been answered and we’ve been experiencing some warmer days and nights. Unfortunately, Summer is practically over but that’s alright by me because I have a feeling it’ll still feel like Summer come December.  This room made me all happy-cheery and wanna create a Summer outfit based around these colors. Fly enough for a wedding even.

Summer - Missoni dresses

Dress – Missoni, Shoes – Givenchy, Purse – Topshop, Sunglasses – Love-Worn

Good Day,

Irene Lovett



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3 responses to “stILe Finds: Summer Outfit

  1. Great room to outfit! I die over those shoes.

  2. That room is gorgeous. I really love how you tied the outfit together with the decor/colors/patterns. I would like the dress and bag ASAP!

  3. Um that dress is incredible. Yes please.

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