Kitchen Love

As much as I’ve tried, I haven’t managed to dream of a white kitchen. Instead, I distract myself by daydreaming of one.  It’s always filled with white cabinetry and marble countertops.  The one pictured took my distraction to new heights. Turquoise has been my favorite color for almost a year now, so it’s no surprise this kitchen took my breath away. While trying to retrieve it, I looked for an area rug that I felt this kitchen needed. It’s too big for the space and probably not meant to be used in such a high traffic, greasy location but I love this rug so much, it’s been my go-to solution for most daydreaming spaces. And wouldn’t some bugambilia look just as pretty on the window sill as the ones pictured? I think so too.

What are YOU daydreaming about?

-Irene Lovett

room image via decorpad


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2 responses to “Kitchen Love

  1. SilverLake Guy

    Turquoise is a terrific color if you can find a pure strain. That backsplash is pretty perfect.

    Also I always thought it was “bougainvillea” but apparently that’s the anglicized version of the indigenous Peruvian ‘bugambilia.’ Both are correct.

  2. Aja

    Love this color combo! So fresh and fun!

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