Friday You’re So Fun

Weekend time. Don’t have any concrete plans but I’m hoping to do something I haven’t done before. Maybe I’ll drink cheap booze, talk to strangers and make a fool of myself on the dance floor. Oh wait, something I haven’t done before. I can try that restaurant I been talking about. Check out the Designer Tag Sale. Go to a bonfire dressed as a warrior princess. Pretend I’m an exchange student and don’t know any English. ¡Perdón!, pero solamente comprendo Español. Get together with friends, get in a car, roll the windows down and blast crappy music. Wear four-inch heels to the grocery store and not mind if I get stared at for being taller than the majority of everyone in there. I’m gonna do it and I recommend doing at least one thing you haven’t done before too. What point is life if you can’t have a little or a lotta fun. Have it!

images via Shelter and Knightcat


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  1. Hope you had a great weekend! That pool is so fab.

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