I Like Your stILe: Brittany (literal) Stiles

After a year of contemplating whether or not to start a blog, I bit the bullet and started designstILes. Short, sweet, personal and representative of what I’d feature. Best of all, the I and the L signify my initials. Feeling clever, the next big step was to start a Twitter account. All the other cool blogs were doing it and felt it was the right move to monopolize on my clever name. Turns out it was already taken. Whaaaaaa? {Talking to the Twitter sign-up page} You mean someone was clever before me? But my I and L are capitalized? That’s got to count for something, right? Let me try again. Username has already been taken. BY WHO? Why would anyone want it? It’s long, ugly, sounds dumb and makes zero sense. Defeated my own name, I chose second best: IdesignstILes. But not without scoping out this so-called clever person who stole my name first. Brittany Stiles.  A true, legitimate Interior Designer. Her last name is really Stiles and didn’t try to get all cute with it by making up her own spelling. Damn.

Sure enough, her work is awesome. I’ve been following her blog since and recently realized she added me to her blogroll, which is like major props in the blog world. Thanks Brit, Brit (we’re cool like that, no?) Without further ado, I share with you the real Stiles.



A bird’s-eye view of the previous photo. The warm tones are inviting and comfortable and make it look a bit vintage-y. And that pendant really hits the spot.



Pretty distinct from the previous room, I love that she’s able to show a less feminine side while still mixing design styles.




And she does events too! Call me, I can help you.



You should follow me on Twitter. You’ll love it.

Irene Lovett



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6 responses to “I Like Your stILe: Brittany (literal) Stiles

  1. Ha! That’s a great story, and she is very talented…love her work! (and will follow you on twitter!) 🙂

  2. Beautiful rooms and a great story.

  3. domestikatedlife

    So glad you commented on my blog, because now I found yours 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this post! I’m so honored to be featured on your blog! Yes, a bummer you missed the tag sale, let’s plan to run in to each other at the next one!

  5. awesome. I love brittany. she’s cool and really talented.

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