Bargain Bin: Polaroid Art

I love how Polaroid pictures make any shot look like you’ve stepped back in time and give even the most amateur of photoggers (me) picture-taking credibility.

If Polaroid film wasn’t so freaking expensive, I’d buy boat loads of it and dedicate an entire wall in our house to all my aimless shots.  Because the cost-per-picture is about two dollars, I have to be selective about the images I choose to capture and it pains me to waste it on a practice shot, so I’ve relied on my handy ShakeIt iPhone app to help improve my (lack of) skills.  It’s been way more fun to see ordinary pictures look a lot more artistic.

If you’re into Shaking It Like A Polaroid Picture too, here are how the pros do it.  If you also happen to be looking for an inexpensive way to add unique art to your home, these images are way affordable. Your walls will thank you.


Irene Lovett

image one via Alicia Bock, image two via TheLightFantastic, image three via futurowoman, image four via RiciS, image five via isofoto, image six via pocketmemories, image seven snapcoall via Etsy



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2 responses to “Bargain Bin: Polaroid Art

  1. Awesome! Love Polaroids!

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