Friday You’re So White

Yesterday morning, I was pleasantly surprised by a sweet message written on a petal from our Magnolia Tree left atop my computer by The Husband. Later that night, when we walked our little doggies, he picked off another petal and once again declared his love for the Magnolia Tree. I say once again because he never fails to inform me of just how much he loves the leathery feel of each petal. And I never fail to tease him on how he should’ve been born a female. I love his sensitive ways and was immediately inspired to post pretty white images that remind me of such petals.

Happy Weekend,

Irene Lovett

1. silk-blend shorts, 2. YSL dress, 4. Lanvin dress, 5. handkerchief bikini, images 3 and 6 via dress, design, decor


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2 responses to “Friday You’re So White

  1. Kimberly

    The dress is to die for!

  2. d&d

    helloooooo lanvin! gorge.

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