Party Like It’s 1999, Literally

We’re gonna party like it’s 1999, and the entire decade that brought us grunge, doc martens, 90210 and Crystal Pepsi (bet you forgot about that one).  While several people still think it’s cool and original to celebrate the 80s, we’re thinking we’re “The Bomb” by celebrating the 90s. Oh Snap. The Sistah’s been talking about throwing a 90s party (probably since the 90s) and it’s finally coming to fruition. We’re so “hella” excited we even mailed out invites.

My brother-in-law posing as Jules from the iconic film, Pulp Fiction.

To get us more pumped for the party, which is on Saturday, I’m dedicating the rest of this weeks posts to all things 90s. And I’m starting off with one of my favorite movies – Clueless. You’d be pretty surprised at the amount of movies I haven’t seen, and for every movie I haven’t seen I’ve seen Clueless at least twice. I won’t bore you with the amount of quotes I could recite (I’m sure you know a decent amount too), so instead I’ll share a little collage of the three I once considered my Best Friends – Cher, Tai and Dee.

Cluless - Wet Seal skirts

Can’t wait to share pictures. I’m sure this party will be “off the heasy.”

-Irene Lovett


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