Friday You’re So Getting Hitched

I love weddings. Love them. Beautiful flowers, dazzling dresses, whimsical details, free booze (let’s be honest) – I’m a sucker for it all.

Wedding season is well underway and, in fact, we have three coming up – two of which I’ll be a bridesmaid for and one of which is this weekend. The third of which Evan will officiate. Not Joking.

I dedicate this post to Weddings. If I could have another one, I would. Heck, I may even choose to marry the same man. Ha!

Peace Out,

Irene Lovett

image one via kiss the groom, images four and six via 100 Layer Cake, all the rest via Style Me Pretty


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3 responses to “Friday You’re So Getting Hitched

  1. The Sistah

    I like these pictures because a lot of them can be applied to spring parties! 🙂

  2. GSilva

    Irene, you should have posted a picture of your wedding day. It was such a fun wedding.

  3. GSilva, I will post some pictures in the near future. I guess I just wanted to focus on summer-y type weddings for this post. And mine was, well, in the dead of winter. : )

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