Pictures From a Fiesta

Sorry for being a Lazy Susan yesterday and not posting my stILe finds, but I think you’ll like these photos of Dad’s Fiesta much better.








Party was a success. Our guests all arrived wearing white, creating a crisp and refreshing ambiance, which reflected nicely once the lanterns and candles were lit. We played Loteria (Mexican Bingo), danced with maracas, drank Agua Fresca, Mexican Coke and Jarritos, filled up mini bags from El Mercado with Mexican candy, got stuffed with street-style Mexican Tacos from a real tacquero, finished off with softest Pan Dulce I’ve had in years and sang Las Mañanitas to the birthday boy with a cake featuring his favorite actor, Cantinflas.

Happy 60th once again, Dad

Irene Lovett

And a very special thanks to The Sistah’s friend who was kind enough to snap some photos. Be sure to visit his site – frenetic+joy.



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2 responses to “Pictures From a Fiesta

  1. BCF

    It looks like it turned out GREAT! You two did a great job!

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