Friday You’re So Romantic

After watching An Education last night, which was just okay (although Carey Mulligan is a cutie), I felt the sudden urge to travel back to Paris and gallivant through the City of Light with The Husband. Since traveling abroad is not on the agenda this Summer, I’ll gawk at these photos and chalk up romantic ideas that are closer to home.,tower,paris,lights,starts,citylights,dreamy-ff6e88e03ee45cdf8aa1886411ed7460_h.jpg

Note to self: wear a tutu at least once this Summer.

Look Out Weekend ‘Cause,

Irene Lovett

images via maryruffle, weheartit and vi.sualize



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2 responses to “Friday You’re So Romantic

  1. BananaAnna

    Every woman should own a tutu to feel like a little girl every once in a while, I do! Probably not a surprise.

  2. So cute! I too wish we were going abroad this summer, but no such luck. And I agree, Carey Mulligan is cute as pie.

    xx Katie

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