stILe finds: Serena and Lily

Serena and Lily is a company dedicated to selling an abundance of stylish finds for the home. They even carry fabric and paint. It was tough to narrow down my choices, but here goes it.$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$

Stunning white detailed lamp and pink little pouf fit for a little girl’s room.$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$

Always a fan of fabulous throw pillows, which can be an inexpensive way to punch up a room.$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$

This bedskirt would be great to mix-and-match with this (on sale) duvet.$thumbRow$$thumbRow$$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$

An array of fabrics to choose from for their chairs, benches and headboards.$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$

I love using fun paint colors to highlight a wall and add a touch of the unexpected.


Irene Lovett


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