Lusty Lusterson

*We interrupt this regularly scheduled program*

My apologies if you were anticipating Bargain Bin. Yesterday was busy, busy and this morning I will be meeting with The Sistah to shop for dad’s fiesta, so I’ll share with you a shoe I’ve been lusting over since Friday night. The shoe is so enticing, I stopped what I was doing (sleeping) and quickly created a budget-crippling concoction early Saturday morning. Woe is me.

Lusty  Lusterson

A cotton Acne dress is summer appropriate even if it’s black. To pull off an edgy look, I paired it with my current obsession – Alexander Wang Devon Suede Booties. A mulberry shoulder bag to store my belongings. A watch to mix in a classic element, and a ring to balance out the edge.

I’ll admit, I was first drawn to the sparkly version, but even in a pretend life I like to be practical.

Sweet Tuesday,

Irene Lovett


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  1. soooooo coooooooooooool!!! u hav a blog!!!

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