Time For a Fiesta

The Sistah and I have agreed to plan a party for our Dad’s 60th. I’ve always been a collage-type of girl and Polyvore allows you to do so without having to reach for the scissors or glue, so I’ve created a little inspiration board to relay my vision for the partay.


If you haven’t guessed it already, it’s a Mexican theme. Our dad is super proud of his culture and this is a celebration of it for him.

The man in the black and white picture is not my dad. Cantinflas is the late Mexican comedian/actor best described as the Charlie Chaplin of Mexico for those who don’t know who he is. My dad has watched his movies about 100 times each and laughs hysterically every time as if it were his first viewing. Cantinflas cake?

We’ve asked our guests to dress in white just ’cause we think it’ll look cool.

White lanterns will hang from above.

No flowers on these navy-blue-tablecloth-covered tables (with zarape runners). We’ve opted for multiple, varied size vases filled with white candles because flowers are too girlie for dad.

Small cacti dispersed throughout – way more manly.

Okay fine, a bouquet of sunflowers will accentuate the buffet style table.

Mini Reuben sandwiches as an appetizer. Get it, get it?

I know, let’s drink the mojitos and margaritas from cantaritos.

Maracas will emphasize the beat of the music once people are ready to get jiggy with it on the dance floor.

I think that pretty much gives an overview to how I picture this fiesta. I hope to have some pictures to share after the event.

Happy {Almost} Birthday, Dad

-Irene Lovett



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6 responses to “Time For a Fiesta

  1. Countthechips

    How cool! Happy B-Day Reuben!!!!

  2. Orlando

    Very “spiffy” love the layout!

  3. Edith

    My wedding (if I have one) is going to have a Mexican theme too! I love the cantaritos and that’s what I alway wanted to use during the coctail hour. 🙂

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