stILe finds – The Etsy Version

Etsy reminds me a bit of visiting the local flea market without having to pay an admission fee or having to maneuver my crazy cat lady cart through narrow aisles filled with people. So really, aside from all the knickknacks, furniture, clothes and vintage items, it’s nothing like the flea market but that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend. Etsy makes my search a tad bit easier as I get to choose the categories to skim through, but like the flea market, hours upon hours can be spent finding that perfect item. My eyes are happy when one of the categories reads, Vintage. It’s a guarantee I’ll find that unique item not sold in mass, and it feels a bit like having that magical key that opens any door. You know, ’cause I have one of those, right?

Take a look at my picks.

Left to Right, beginning from top:

– Vintage Mechanical Alarm Clock from Soviet Union Era. Available here.

Vintage Brass Owl. A ‘wise’ purchase. Aged nicely and a great accessory to display.

60’s pink chair begging to be bought. This would make one heck of a desk chair.

– Faux bamboo Lantern ideal for a Foyer. Click here.

This Mid Century nightstand has incredible detail and bold color. Just right for the person looking to make a statement.

– You know how I feel about headboards, and this one is no exception. Now those are some curves. Interested? Click here.

Vintage fan that still functions properly. I hear that’s rare. Cute little size to rest atop a counter or bookshelf. Guarantee you’ll receive comments.


Irene Lovett


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