In an effort to be more blog-topic productive and stay focused (you know how wild the mind runs), I’ve decided to make a schedule.

Monday – Music to My Eyes (you know the drill)

Tuesday –  Bargain Bin (searching for unbeatable sale items so you don’t have to)

Wednesday – stILe finds (sharing stylish products from furniture to shoes and the occasional miscellaneous )

Thursday – I Like Your stILe (where I scour the web looking for inspirational room and/or outfits. Heck, I may even try to reproduce a few a la bargain)

Friday – Friday You’re So Random (all things I didn’t get to post during the week and as random as the title implies)

Hope you’ll continue to tune into this regularly (we’ll see how long it goes) scheduled program. I’m also open to ideas, suggestions, critiques, so if there’s anything you’d like to see covered just leave a comment.


Irene Lovett

image via weheartit


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