No. 5

available here

I went to Target yesterday and stumbled upon the above glass jar lamp. I’ve been seeing such lamps pop up everywhere but wasn’t ever really drawn to them until I saw this one. The No. 5 printed on the front made this one stand out from the rest. I turned to my right and turned to my left but there was no one there to take in the joy of finding such a stellar item. I quickly thought of who I may be able to persuade into making this purchase but decided I could pair it with other items to make it more convincing. I like the idea of using it in an industrial, rustic, cottage living room. Take a look at some items I think will complement this fun lamp.$PD$$family$$PD$

Left to Right from Top:

– Benjamin Moore paint in Potpourri Green

– Mirror from West Elm

– Sofa from Pottery Barn

– Throw Pillow from fabricadabra

– Rug from West Elm

– Coffee Table from Restoration Hardware

– Lyle Side Chair from Crate and Barrel

– Trunk from Restoration Hardware

– Random Throw and Plant

I finally received my June issue of House Beautiful and guess what was on the cover?

Yup, a glass jar base lamp.



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5 responses to “No. 5

  1. adamhuckeby

    I bought one of the No. 5 lamps myself. I like it too. Mine is paired with books with real glass bottle molds from a local glass plant that died in the 1980’s You can see a pic of it on my blog ( – was trying to find any significance for the “no. 5” – any idea?

  2. Rachel

    Hi! I saw this amazing No. 5 lamp in Target when I was on vacay and was too stupid to buy it, but now that I’m back home I want it so bad and of course can’t find it anywhere!! Would you happen to have the serial number or some ID thing that would help me locate it somehow? Thank you!

  3. Just picked one up on clearance for $10!

  4. Terry

    I too wasnt smart enought ot buy this lamp and have been looking for it every since.

    Anyone have anyidea where I can find it? Anyone willing to sell it to me 🙂


    • Ashley

      Gosh I am with you two above !!! I really want to get this lamp and can’t seem to find it anywhere ! I saw it at Target when it first came out but it sure didn’t hang around to long !! Now I really want ti and can’t find it… ahahahah not even on e-bay !! can anyone help or have some input ??

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