Channeling Carrie

I’m probably one of the few women who has zero desire to go out and watch the Sex and the City sequel. (After watching the first one two and a half times, I realized how annoying it was). I’ll hold out for the killer wardrobe once the movie hits my On Demand. I love Aidan, but don’t find it plausible that him and Carrie coincidentally reunite in a desert far, far away from New York City. Therefore, I’ll roll my eyes at the plot in the comfort of my own home.

I’m sure many of you have noticed some of Carrie’s outfits circling the web and her blue Halston Heritage dress got me all excited because I have one pretty darn similar.

I bought mine at Swift, a  local vintage shop, almost four years ago for about $30. You can buy the Halston Heritage dress here. Just an FYI, it’s $435. Irene Lovett comes up again, ooooooooh yeah.

Speaking of Carrie outfits, allow me to share some of my favorite:

I would never dare wear a see through dress, but she pulls it off without looking trashy.

Her pinned flowers started a craze.


The striped skirt is delish and she made the Gucci fanny pack look très chic.

I went out and bought a Mickey Mouse t-shirt as soon as I could.

She wore a cape. A cape! How fabulous.

I remember being in awe of how well she could work some high-rise shorts.

Not exactly an outfit, the “Carrie” necklace is iconic and had my friends rush out to buy their own. I was inspired and chose a bracelet.

images via fashionnation, stylehive, thenonblonde

Sidenote: It’s incredibly awkward posing for an outfit picture even when the husband is taking the shots. This one of me was the least pose-y and captured a real expression. Props to the pro models.



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2 responses to “Channeling Carrie

  1. SilverlakeGuy

    The only thing memorable about Sex and the City 2 is the number two part, which describes it totally, if you get my drift. Everything else in this deadly, brainless exercise in pointless tedium is dedicated to the screeching audacity of delusional self-importance that convinces these people the whole world is waiting desperately to watch two hours and 25 minutes of platform heels, fake orgasms and preposterous clothes. It is to movies what fried dough is to nutrition.

  2. You have done it once again! Superb article!

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