A Whirlwind at Hotel Erwin


image via biz bash

I celebrated my actual birthday with my husband, but the partying was observed a few days later at Hotel Erwin‘s High in Venice with friends and shared with other Taureans. To fully enjoy ourselves without the temptation of drinking and driving, we booked a suite and was rather pleased with the design. I have no clue as to why I didn’t bother scoping out the scene online, but I’m glad I didn’t because it was fun being surprised. This place is perfect if you like the non-fussiness of an upscale boutique hotel but still crave a place that feels hip. It’s reasonably priced and seamlessly brings together a funky, retro, urban stile.

This place also provides great food at their on-premise restaurant, Hash. I had a hangover breakfast of corned beef hash and eggs and the meat was as tender as a girl with a weak stomach can hope for.  Evan indulged in the ‘Venice Benedict’ which subbed a breaded tomato in lieu of english muffin, thick crispy bacon in lieu of ham, and a creamier, lighter hollandaise. The basil pesto pizza the night before was also pretty delicious. Check out some pictures not taken by me.


This is basically what our suite looked like



This photo was taken by me. (I’m trying, I’m trying)

Weight-shaped lamp base. A salute to the nearby Muscle Beach, I’m sure.



High Lounge

Our event took place at night and I thoroughly enjoyed the 360 degree view.

Bonus points for the provided blankets.

I’m sure I was beyond my limit in which case excuses the funny face.

Images via wallpaper, kayak, thelek, and yovenice



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3 responses to “A Whirlwind at Hotel Erwin

  1. SilverlakeGuy

    I’ve been to the Erwin and honestly I found it a bit underwhelming. The location is terrific, the rooms are spacious and the colorful mod design certainly hits all the right “boutique” notes – but no iPod dock and no digital music on the TV? Kinda puts a damper on the pre-party if you ask me.

    I had “high” hopes for the lounge and frankly that too was a little disappointing. The giant skylight in the middle divides the space awkwardly into what essentially amounts to long cubicles along the outer edges, discouraging cross-cubicle mingling. Also, memo to management: you’re in Venice, not Hollywood. Lose the wristbands, cheesedick DJ, and $9 Stellas or the only crowd you’ll ever see up there is the typical Westside polo shirt and golf hat-wearing yuppie Brosephs you find on Main Street.

  2. FoodieFoodieTwoShoes

    I looooooove it when a restaurant does a variation on the classic Eggs Benedict!! Tomato instead of English Muffin is a good one! Healthy too! I was just at Zazie in SF and had the best Benedict ever. It was called the California Benedict and was made with perfectly poached free-range eggs, fresh-caught Pacific Salmon, and organic avocado from the farmer’s market right next door! Soooooo good!

  3. L.A. Foodie

    I have only heard bad things about the food at Hash prior to the last few weeks. Its good to know that they made changes, or that you ordered the right things. I can speak firsthand and say that when i went there initially, my food honestly tasted like dog food. i do like the hotel, and the staff is very nice, and they make a mean drink upstairs, but if the food is good looks like we might have venice’s best hotel.

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